Kakao Friends Mirror Ball Apeach Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

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Kakao Friends Mirror Ball Apeach Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

*Kakao Friends Mirror Ball Apeach Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

  • A Must For Every Kid: Looking to surprise your little one with a unique and fun birthday experience that he or she will never forget? Would you like to engage your kids into a creative, artistic activity that helps them develop and learn through play? The WI wireless speaker is the perfect choice!
  • Perfect Sound: Featuring a powerful stereo sound with speaker upgrades and high-powered dual speakers on both sides, these wireless microphones create a more balanced, vivid sound no matter the size of the space!
  • Wide Compatibility: Unlike similar products on the market, this kids microphone is compatible with Android and iOS, supporting most karaoke apps, YouTube, Korean music apps. Everything your little one needs to have a blast whether at parties, sleepovers or on a rather boring Sunday afternoon!
  • Easy Pairing: The WI microphone for kids is easy to connect to your device, featuring dual pairing and state of the art Bluetooth 2.0 technology. The rechargeable cell battery is of highest quality, allowing up to 6 hours of uninterrupted life.
  • Fun Mirror Ball Design: This wireless mic will definitely become the hit of every birthday party with a lovely cradle mirror ball which is activated when connected to the USB cable, adding a colorful luminous touch that will definitely impress! The microphone comes with an included pouch for easy and safe storage.

*Bluetooth Microphone & Speaker
High-power dual speaker stereo sound boosts the atmosphere !! It is recognized as Bluetooth 4.2 version quickly and can be connected in 1 second, and duet mode is also OK with dual pairing function! Even the LED mirror ball cradle is perfect ~ Now, enjoy the honko at home.

high power dual speaker
Dual Pairing (Support Duet Mode)
Various device pairing support
2,500mah up to 6 hours of use

*Using LG Cell, you can enjoy it without interruption for up to 6 hours!

*Safe cell battery with up to 6 hours of continuous use (2600mAh)

The KAKAO FRIENDS Bluetooth mic comes with a built-in rechargeable cell battery which gives approximately 6 hours of uninterrupted continuous use. No uncomfortable wires getting in the way of your kids having an amazing time, whether by themselves or with friends! Ideal for travel, car, vacation, home, parties and much more!

*LED lighting mirror ball charging cradle that responds to light according to sound Up up to the mood!!

*Fun and colorful cradle mirror ball

The mirror ball design with colorful lights creates a lovely atmosphere which every guest will appreciate! Choose from our 2 unique gender-neutral designs!

*Easy Bluetooth connection with dual pairing
With a user-friendly design which uses Bluetooth 4.2connectivity to instantly pair with any supported device, dual pairing support and enhanced compatibility with Android, iOS, karaoke apps, this microphone for kids is hassle-free and easy to use even by first timers!

*This wireless speaker mic comes with a powerful stereo sound and speaker upgrades, plus high-powered dual speakers on both sides, creating a balanced, crystal-clear sound even in wider, open spaces!

*Thoughtful birthday present for kids!!!

Is your little one’s birthday approaching and you want to impress him or her with a unique present they will actually enjoy using? This wireless microphone will surely be a blast!

With an easy to use design, rechargeable battery with large using autonomy, a fun design and gorgeous colors, this Bluetooth speaker microphone is ideal for birthday parties, sleepovers, special events or classroom, creating long-lasting memories that will bring you closer together!

*USB rechargeable

What’s Included


  • 1 x Bluetooth Microphone
  • 1 x USB Type C Cable
  • 1 x dedicated storage pouch

*Product composition and name of each part

1. Microphone
2. speaker
3.Deco/Microphone volume control
4. Volume control
5. Previous/Next song
6. Cradle and mirror ball
7.USB-C charging port and mirror ball power button

*Q & A Frequently Asked Questions!

Power on the mic and after hearing power on screams, there's a crackling sound! Is it bad?
A - NO! It is the sound that the microphone picks up the frequency. (Ex- When connecting to the radio, it is the same as the phenomenon that the frequency does not match.)

I turn on the microphone and connect it to the cell phone, but I hear a t-du-thu sound! Is it bad?
A - NO! It is the sound of the cell phone and the microphone connecting the frequency signals to each other.
This phenomenon disappears when playing music.

If you hold the microphone in your hand while singing, a howling will occur.
A - howling happens when you hold the microphone in your hand while singing.

I hear a noise while singing, is it bad?
A - NO! The microphone battery is low.
It is recommended to fully charge the microphone before using it.

*In order to repay our customers with good products, we have raised the product specifications. If the volume of the microphone itself is low, the corresponding sound will also be low. Because the volume of the microphone itself is increased to arouse the excitement of customers, the volume of other devices is also increased.

*If you are sensitive to even a small sound, please think about it one more time before purchasing. thank you.